Throwback Sunday.. Pebbles Lounge Chair derived from a request and shared interest on the potential of generating a modular furniture series based on polypropylene foam.

Pebbles Lounge Chair is the result of a design intention to create a lightweight, unibody, sustainable piece of furniture for multiple purposes. This intention is achieved through an intelligent digital design and manufacturing process on the one side and an innovative use of material on the other side.

Pebbles design is inspired by nature. It plays with the extremes of fluid and soft stone, shapes that are nutured by water in contrast to sharp defined edges.

Pebbles Lounge Chair is made of expanded polypropylene foam (EPP), a material which is not only highly innovative in the field of furniture design but also 100% recyclable and free from toxic properties.

With a diameter and height of 95cm, it weighs just 7kg – it can easily be moved from one place to another, and the nature of the material allows for both internal and external usage.

Pebbles Lounge Chair, made of EPP will establish itself as an innovative and unique product in the furniture market.